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Common Good and Cooperation

If I sought only my individual good, I would never engage in an exchange. I would seek the thing I desire, but I would never seek to satisfy the desire of someone else to obtain it. To seek to satisfy … Continue reading

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Aquinas, Austrians and Economics

Some notes on this article on Aquinas and economics from an Austrian economist (undergrad?) Aquinas is accused of committing the “collectivist fallacy.” This fallacy only makes sense upon the presuppositions of the Austrians. A major presupposition is that society is … Continue reading

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Dumb Ox of Economics

I’ve been reading several articles and books about the Scholastic and Thomistic position on usury and economics. An interesting pattern especially among libertarian account is that Aquinas, one of the greatest thinkers in history, is a endless fountain of fallacies, … Continue reading

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Equality is said in many ways

One of the most interesting claims is need for equality in society. I’ve rarely seen any attempt to defend what kind of equality is needed. There are many senses of equality and many of them are equivocal. “All men are … Continue reading

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The Market and the State

The market and the state differ in their institution. The state arises out of the willful unity of the polis to deliberate about the means to achieve the common good. The market arises out of the exchanges of individuals that … Continue reading

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First Principle of Practical Reason

Do good and avoid evil is the ethical equivalent of the principle of contradiction. It is the foundation of any rational ethical argument. This is the reason people do not make arguments that we should do what is flatly evil, … Continue reading

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Development of the Market

I’ve heard several arguments regarding something that might be called the natural justice of the market. The state is more or less an offender of the justice that the market naturally (in the sense of “without effort”) creates. Markets that … Continue reading

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