Notes on a Theology of Sexuality

  • Male sexuality is a going forth to bear fruit, whereas female sexuality is a bringing forth of fruit.
  • In the Garden, woman was taken from the side of man. Something went forth and brought into being woman.
  • In the Garden, woman was created as man’s help mate and companion, but what was his work but to tend the Garden. He goes forth tending the Garden in his labors and she brings for the fruits that have be made through his efforts. This concerns the whole of reality, the tending of creation, the interpersonal relationship between man and woman, and right worship of God.
  • In right worship, woman brings forth the fruits that man has tended. Women tend to be more ordered to contemplation and this is precisely bringing forth this fruit.
  • Circumcision was the sign of the covenant, but it was something only done to men. Men suffer something done to them and taken from them. That this is done to sexual organ is a sign of the restoration of the threefold fruitfulness. However, due to the complementarity of sexuality this is also a restoration of woman. Woman in contrast does not suffer from the outside as something taken from but suffers internally in the bringing forth and here we see the pains of childbearing.
  • We see this in greatest clarity at the foot of the Cross. The Christ Man bears upon himself in his body all the suffering and humiliation of the Cross and Roman wickedness. Mary suffers alongside, but interiorly. Christ labors to produce the fruit of salvation, but Mary brings forth the forth in the bearing forth of the Church having already received salvation in the Immaculate Conception, bearing if forth in her life.
  • There is an appropriateness to Christ’s maleness and also his unity with Mary as Coredemportrix. Christ goes forth to bring salvation and Mary his help mate and coworker bears it forth.
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