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Equity and Debt and Usury

Equity holders are the owners of a company or a collection of assets. They not only possess and use the assets, but they have ownership of those assets. As such they are due the fruits of those assets. Debt holders … Continue reading

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Statistical Tests and Cause

Currently I am taking a course in applied statistics and I’m amazed at how little justification or thought there goes into causal claims arising from statistics. First, it occurs to me that statistics has nothing to say about the relationship … Continue reading

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Equity and Debt Holders

Both equity and debts holders have a claim against a company. An equity holder has ownership of a company or partial ownership. This entitles the equity holder to certain revenue that is made in the operation of the company. This … Continue reading

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What is probability

Probability concerns those things which are uncertain. A game of chance may bring this out more clearly. If you have a ball in one of your hands, you might make a wager with me that if I can guess where … Continue reading

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Collectivist Fallacy

If we take the collectivist fallacy to mean that society as a whole does not pursue an end, then it has some appeal. Society is not a substance per se and does not have the same sort of natural teleology … Continue reading

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Lending and Usury

Lending as such is a transfer of use without a transfer of ownership. When I loan you my pen, I allow you to use it but it remains mine even as you use it. There are then two sorts of … Continue reading

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Fundamental Insight into Usury

The fundamental insight of Aquinas with regard to usury is that it involves double charging or charging for what does not exist. Whatever defense of charging interest for a money loan one might give, this is the fundamental insight. This … Continue reading

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