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Concerning the Superiority of the Common Good

“The common good is greater not because it includes the singular good of all the singulars; in that case it would not have the unity of the common good which comes from a certain kind of universality in the latter, … Continue reading

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On the Primacy of the Common Good by Charles De Koninck

Need to read. Located here. Preface to the Original Edition of 1943 The work presented here is not an ordinary book. It is pure wisdom. But one is no longer in the habit of looking at the practical world in … Continue reading

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Ontology of Law, Values and Time

In his “The Elements of Philosophy” Wallace write that “law as a measure and rule must be homogenous with what it measures with what it measure, the homogeneity of human law with the community whose acts it rules is found … Continue reading

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Market Price as Unjust

One of the contentions I ocassionaly hear is that the market price is generally the just price. I’m not sure what the principles or arguments that establish this but it seems reasonable. However there are instances when the market price … Continue reading

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Usury – Argument from Inflation

1) Justice in exchange is achieved when the value of the things exchanged is equal. 2) The value of money is not constant through time. This is inflation. 3) Given some inflation, the value of the returned principal is less … Continue reading

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Ontology of Economic Value and Time

My latest philosophical studies revolved around natural philosophy and particularly time. Over the course of my study I found the Scholastic formulation that time is fundamentally extra-mental, but formally and actually mental. This goes for space as well. Time is … Continue reading

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Objective Economic Value

The Philosopher notes in the justice in exchange that value is a measure of demand. It is that we want or need something that we engage in an exchange in the first place. If there was no demand, then there … Continue reading

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