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Economic Value: Intrinsic and Conventional

There is more than one sense in which a thing has economic value. The central meaning of value is something’s intrinsic usefulness to man found in its qualities or powers. So, clothing is intrinsically useful to man because it has … Continue reading

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Pure Store of Value

A pure store of value is something utterly worthless that is valuable. That is by a sheer act of will we act as though something is valuable when it is in fact not. It is Nietzche meets ectonomics.

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Foundational Economics 2

Wealth as we’ve discussed are those external things that are succor man’s needs. We can then begin to speak about economic value having to some extent identified wealth and its principal, i.e. human need. Given that external things are wealth … Continue reading

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Notes on Foundational Economics

As the Philosopher notes, the reason for an exchange is demand or need. The gods do not engage in exchange, because they do not need anything. Further, the Philosopher notes that economics is the art of wealth-getting. The getting of … Continue reading

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Black Scholes and Heat Diffusion

It is something of an interest that the Black Scholes equation can be converted into a diffusion equation. At first glance this seems very strange and fantastic, however, the more I look into it does not seem that special. Both … Continue reading

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