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Economic Musings

Economics seems to be reduced to subjectivism. Recently I read in a textbook that economics is the theory of choice. This means that economics is merely a branch of psychology and especially that branch that deals with wish fulfillment.This is … Continue reading

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Economics and Politics

Economics and politics are seperable in thought but are largely intertwined in reality. Socialism is not just ethically and politically wrong but a failure economically. While we can talk about things under the aspect of political or economical, it is … Continue reading

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Time Value of Money and Risk

I’ve talked about the time value of money and how this is probably more appropriately called the value of productivity. That is something things are valuable in virtue of the valuable things they produce. TVM is an attempt to value … Continue reading

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Value – Usability of a Power

While we may not be able to develop a comprehensive picture of value, we ought to make as much progress in what can be known with certainty. This at least to correct errors and lead things aright. As I have … Continue reading

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Time Value of Money

I’ve being thinking some about this and some of my comments are over at the Acton Institute. The conclusion I have arrived at is that time value of money is a useful abstraction that needs to be clarified in the … Continue reading

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