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What is a model?

Let us consider a basic example of a model, a statue. The statue is considered as a model of that of which it is a statue in virtue of sharing a resemblance of its object’s form. Marble is said to … Continue reading

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Price Gouging and Market Price

I’ve wondered about price gouging and read a few articles and arguments for permitting it. Most of these have been from Austrians. The arguments typically focus upon the extrinsic consequences of (il)legalizing price gouging in times of crisis. That is … Continue reading

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Note – Money as Capital

Money as such is not capital as it is a means of exchange. It is not productive as money. Money is capital accidentally as it can be exchanged for something actually productive. Modern use of the term money conflates money … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

Risk is about some future evil event or state of affairs. This is obviously related to “downside” risk or the risk of a loss. However, we speak also of “upside” risks. An upside risk is only risk in an accidental … Continue reading

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Feser and Property

To read:

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The Money of the Money Supply – Part 2

Part 1 Money can be given an Aristotelian causal account of material, formal, efficient and final causes. What can be money is something with value, that is a store of value. It must be more than this, because laborers have … Continue reading

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The Money of Money Supply – Part 1

In a previous post after admonishing any reader foolish enough to waste time here to go and read Zippy, I summarized my understanding of Zippy. The main question that comes to mind as I think about this more is: What … Continue reading

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