Random Thoughts

  • Risk is about some future evil event or state of affairs. This is obviously related to “downside” risk or the risk of a loss. However, we speak also of “upside” risks. An upside risk is only risk in an accidental way. It is not in virtue of the upside that it is a risk, but rather the lost opportunity or some other consequence of the upside. A downside risk is essentially risk as it is in itself some evil state of affairs that we have come to rest in.
  • There is much similarity between time and money as measure. Something is primarily time, but other motions are used as well though they are first measured by that which is primary. Currency is primarily money, but other property is used as well but only as first measured by currency.
  • Currency exchanges are a matter of barter. Since there is no higher measure of value than currency, these exchanges become barter. This is facilitated by the easy divisibility of currency and its power to be exchanged for property within a certain realm.
  • As with time, there are many measure of money in different domains. A second is determined by the frequency of radiation from a highly regular isotope. A year is determined by the motion of the earth around the sun. The second does not determine the year and the year does not determine second. We can say how many seconds a year is or how many years a second is, but they are each separately determined by different motions. However, as different measures they are compared as measuring one thing, namely motion. So too with currencies. A pound measures value in the UK and the dollar in the US. They do not determine one another, but are compared nonetheless.
  • Big Bang: if there existed a point singularity at the first moment of time, nothing would come from it. A point is indivisible and has no parts. Something spatially simple cannot have local motion.
  • Large scale universal suffrage democracy is a crime against average men. It forces them to either be experts in a thousand different areas or be irrational in accepting a politician’s platform. I cannot judge with any competence a political platform and the result is that it either appeals to me on an emotional level or not. It tends to make men act imprudently and is therefore contrary to the comprehensive human good.
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