Freedom of Religious Abortion

I’ve been interested in Zippy’s notion of liberalism being maintained by unprincipled exceptions. Here I try to work out a particular example.

In general, people who defend religious freedom are the same people who are opposed to abortion. The most significant argument proposed against abortion is that it is contrary to reality, that is a fetus is a person and abortion is essentially not different from murder. They are committed to the truth of the matter. whereas the abortion defenses and freedom of choice are big lies.

This commitment to the truth seems to end where religious freedom begins. If we are committed to the truth, then we must acknowledge that there is true religion. We may argue which is the true religion, but that is not relevant. There is something objectively true about God, how he ought to be worshiped and how society ought to be structured in light of that truth.

Whatever this truth is, there are all sorts of behaviors and beliefs that are contrary to it. The degree of freedom enjoyed by other religions must be consonant with the truth of that religion. Therefore, all sorts of heresies and manners of worship may be punished, forbidden, restricted and/or tolerated.

If an abortionist must acknowledge the truth of the person his scalpel murders, then defenders of religious freedom must acknowledge the truth of the God that separates the orthodox from the heretics, apostates, infidels and heathens.

That said within the context of the truth about God, there may be room for something like freedom of religion, but it would be radically different in that it would be grounded in the truth of God rather than liberalism’s essential skepticism concerning religion.


Religious freedom consequently tends to be anti-religious as essentially opposed to the objective truth of God. Consequently, the low man of religious freedom are true believers, particularly Catholic Christians as the members of the true people of God and especially Catholic clerics. However, the ultimate low man as the supreme oppressor against religious freedom is God Himself.

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