Reasonable Hope – Contents of Hell

Concerning a reasonable hope that all are saved.


  1. Hell is very full of persons – Article of Faith
    1. Demons, i.e. angelic persons, in hell
    2. Most of creation is angelic – Aquinas
    3. 1/3 of angel cast into hell – Revelations
  2. Witness of Scripture
    1. God’s people from among the peoples – small tribe
    2. The remnant
    3. Narrow path, many called few chosen, etc.
    4. Sed Contra, peoples of every tribe and nation worshiping the lamb – Revelations
      1. Respondio, the elect will be among all peoples, not all people will be among the elect
  3. Witness of Saints/Apparitions
  4. Not a Christian Hope
    1. Christian hope is certain
    2. This hope is uncertain/only proposed as “reasonable”
  5. Reasonable?
  6. Practical Concerns
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