Licence to Liberate

A few notes on liberty and politics

  • Liberty is a principle of politics in so far as politics concerns those that possess liberty, that is the capacity of free will. That is liberty concerns the matter of politics, whereas law concerns the form, that is liberty bound or in-formed by justice/common good/friendship (i.e. the end of politics).
  • Liberty is distinct from licence, which is the protection of liberty even in evil. Licence is how used a synonymous with liberty. Liberty can be punished, license is incoherent.
  • The defense of liberty as it is better that people should do good freely rather than from force of law falls apart with analogy. People may choose good or evil freely and this is good. A Boondock Saint may choose to kill a man whether he is owed death or not, and this is good. He may kill the evil man owed death, but then he may not. The good of this is only accidental. When judged by right reason, this is essentially evil as ungrounded from avoidance of murder. So too liberty.
  • Politics :: Common Good, Art :: Beauty, Generalship :: Victory.
  • Politics :: Law, Art :: Style, Generalship :: Strategy.
  • Politics :: Liberty, Art :: Avante Garde, Generalship :: Chaos.
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