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Objecting to Object’s Objectivity

I’m writing this as a post, because it will be rather lengthy. Zippy writes: I’ll ask you the same question I’ve asked Ed Feser: is a virus synthesized in a laboratory from inanimate matter an artifact or a natural substance … Continue reading

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Objectivity of Artifacts

Background: Nature vs. Art “Nothing But” It seems that there is a certain indeterminacy with artifacts that I mentioned in a prior post. This is not simply a matter of signification as such, but also of artifacts as such, because … Continue reading

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Novena to Saint Thomas Aquinas.

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A Measure Per Aliud

Part of the problem that I am facing is how can something which cannot be a measure be used as a measure. It is not possible to measure something if it is not in some way congruent or possess what … Continue reading

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Purely Convention and Purely Objective

I don’t have a Facebook account, but I hear things. One of the recent memes was about how the way you look at a 6 or a 9 determines whether it is a 6 or a 9. The fallacy is … Continue reading

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Robotic Liberty

It is strange to hear that the questioning of political liberty amounts to Soviet social engineering, as if a father asserting his authority over his son can have no other end than reducing him to an automaton.

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Authority and Property

Authority has the character of intelligence directing to some end. God as the supreme authority directs all things to their ends. Man has a certain capacity in virtue of being in the image of God, that is in possessing rationality, … Continue reading

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