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Rational Love

In virtue of reason man is capable of knowing the other as other. Brute animals can only know as desirable, repulsive or ignorable. The brute knows only with respect to its own good. Man distinctively moves beyond such desire to … Continue reading

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Substantial Artifacts

Proposition: Artifacts are substances in the same way as natural substances, e.g. a mouse trap is a substance in the way that a mouse is a substance. Either the artificial substance’s essence finds its source and origin in God or … Continue reading

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Aristotelian Origin of Life

Lest the key quote be lost in my babel, here it is from John Deely: This is the basis for the prior possibility in principle of so-called ” equivocal generation “: the origin of living matter out of non-living matter … Continue reading

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Tony’s Argument Against Universal Suffrage

Tony Blair calls for people to ‘rise up’ against Brexit Ignorant people are encouraged to make an irrational decision about a world changing proposition and worse yet their irrational choice is legally binding.

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