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Liberal vs Crusader notion of authority, i.e. Monolithic vs diffusive Advertisements

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Notes on the Common Good

Had an awesome post lost to the eternal void of WordPress, so here are some bullet points. The particular perfection of the common good is its communicability. A proper good can in a manner become a common good in its … Continue reading

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Greatness of the Common Good

“The common good is greater not because it includes the singular good of all the singulars; in that case it would not have the unity of the common good which comes from a certain kind of universality in the latter, … Continue reading

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Liberal Authority and Round Squares

This comment helped crystallize liberal authority for me. Since Liberty cannot in principle be the object of an authoritative act, if Liberty were taken as the principle of politics the State would not act. It would have no reason to function, … Continue reading

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Alchemical Liberty

Religious liberty is a particular concern of mine some I am Catholic and many of my brothers and sisters see religious liberty as necessary and unalloyed good. Like all Liberty as an object of authoritative action religious liberty is problematic. … Continue reading

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Notes on Authority VII – Common Good

Political authority is rooted in human nature as man is a social and political animal. As such he always attempts to form a society with his fellow men. The end pursued in such a society is the common good of … Continue reading

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YouTube Liberty

Clear articulation of the practical problematic of liberty while dancing around and avoiding as much as possible the demands of the common good.

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