Semiotic Notes

  • A measure is a form of sign. By measuring it brings to awareness something other than itself and something otherwise hidden in the object measured.
  • Price is a signal of how much a person desires a thing. 
  • Culture, custom, tradition etc. are sign structures that provide a framework for approaching the world. It unifies our perception in a way that we know what to pursue or avoid or ignore. That is what is good, evil or negligible. 
  • Law measures the actions of men and provides the rational and perpetual framework in an semiotic fashion to live justly. Unjust laws are like a road sign pointing to Troy, they fail to signify something real/just but rather something fictions or non-existent. 
  • Injustice is worthy of punishment and so along with providing a rational framework, it provides also the framework of vengeance and reparation.
  • Custom etc has this character but with respect to less important things (setting a table) or behaviors the law doesn’t punish but custom does (fornication, being alone with the opposite sex, etc.)
  • This provides the mind with a framework to answer the question: What ought I to do?
  • Liberalism find this generally repugnant, but society and rational animals cannot exist apart from it. Consequently, liberalism does not establish a society free of such conventions but one with assuredly irrational conventions, customs, etc.
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