YouTube Liberty

Clear articulation of the practical problematic of liberty while dancing around and avoiding as much as possible the demands of the common good.

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3 Responses to YouTube Liberty

  1. halt94 says:

    It’s an interesting video. Neither the host not the guest though seem to understand that enforcing their freedom to sleep comes with restrictions on the noise their neighbors can make. It’s also interesting that he thinks there’s a principled distinction between direct and indirect impacts on other people for determining where your own liberty ends.


  2. What I find interesting is that first the philosophy of liberty cannot resolve a trivial case except by one man sucking it up and denying liberty and that the two are really struggling with the irresolvable tension between the common good and liberty. None of this of course diminishes or causes doubt in their devotion and commitment to liberty.


  3. halt94 says:

    Yes; they recognize the (irreconcilable) problem with liberty without recognizing liberty as the problem. It’s the problem that Zippy has recognized in right-liberals.


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