Alchemical Liberty

Religious liberty is a particular concern of mine some I am Catholic and many of my brothers and sisters see religious liberty as necessary and unalloyed good.

Like all Liberty as an object of authoritative action religious liberty is problematic. Since Liberty is essentially indifferent to good and evil, religious liberty is essentially indifferent to truth about God. By protecting every heresy and paganism it defends the truth and falsity of all, undermining the ability of men to come to know and love God.

To understand this in a concrete way consider the truths of chemistry. There is no such thing as scientific liberty in such a way that alchemy is given liberty to be taught throughout society. In fact while we may not punish alchemists for believing such, they are largely excluded in many ways. The are no PhD’s given to alchemists and they are not permitted to teach at universities. Moreover, in so far as they teach dangerous doctrines perhaps about mixing certain chemicals, they are punishable. This is because we are not skeptical about chemistry and certain of its truths.

Religious liberty takes a skeptical stand toward religion. All are permitted and defended though there are dangerous doctrines within those false religions. To assert the truth of a religion is an affront to religious liberty, because it undermines it by establishing an order of goodness among religions. 

At its core religious liberty is incoherent in its indifference to truth and falsity as liberalism in general is. Moreover, in virtue of this indifference it is anti-religious as every religion proposes itself as true and it is especially anti-Christian since the Christian religion is the fullness of truth which is lowered to equality with heresy, paganism and even Satanism. 


Religious freedom essentially restricts (as all authoritative acts do) by oppressing Christianity. The truth of the Christian religion and its promulgation is restricted for the sake of treating indifferently truth and falsity. Religious freedom doesn’t offer freedom but propose to advance skepticism and indifferentism.

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