Sovereign Notes

  • Sovereignty has the character of a first cause under the aspect of intellectual.
  • God is the most sovereign. His authority extends to all things completely.
  • Human sovereignty is finite and bounded. E.g. Humans have sovereignty over things but not the nature of thing but rather in a limited respected.
  • Sovereignty than includes the notion of jurisdiction or the extent of the authority.
  • Sovereignty is considered sovereign in the same manner as a first cause. God is the First Cause, the State is a first cause but only within a limited system and with authority dispensed from a higher authority. The State than is sovereign with respect to its jurisdiction but not so with respect to God or some higher authority. E.g. King, duke, count, baron, peasant, each sovereign in at his proper level yet subject to a higher authority.
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2 Responses to Sovereign Notes

  1. Wood says:

    Would you mind explaining more what is meant by “under the aspect of intellectual” in the first point?


  2. There are many (relative) first causes. The sun is the first cause of the solar system, for example. However, sovereignty is a sort of authority and therefore involves intellect and specifically to direct things to foreseen and deliberated ends.


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