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Feeling Loanly?

The majority of what is called a “loan” today has nothing to do with lending. Lending involves the giving of something and receiving that same thing back in return. I can loan my pen to my friend, but I cannot … Continue reading

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Stupid Finance for the Day

“[I]f we buy stock of XYZ, we pay cash and receive the stock. Some time later, we sell the stock and receive cash. This transaction is lending, in the sense that we pay money today and receive money back in … Continue reading

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Contracts are defined as agreements that bind parties by some system of rights and obligations. Materially a contract consists in rational parties. A non-rational creature or child cannot even be the subject of a contract. Formally, a contract consists in … Continue reading

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Confusing the Symptom for the Disease

Here is my comment over at Acton: It seems confusing that the Rabbi at first acknowledges there is something deeply wrong in the American and French Revolutions but then endorse the deep root of American plotics. I think the good … Continue reading

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Insuring without Usury

In general, an insurance contract is an exchange between parties whereby the insured pays a premium in order to receive some guaranteed return in the case of some event. This event may be death, property damage, illness etc. The insurer … Continue reading

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Usury: Sodomizing Art

In the prior post, I noted how usury relates to a lack of security in a contract. Let’s draw this out a bit or back.┬áDante puts usurers and sodomites in the same circle of hell, in fact usurers are in … Continue reading

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Usury and Security or Why You’re a Slave

Part of my comment here: As Zippy has pointed out and St. Francis Xaiver has said, the issue of usury revolves around “the whole matter of security for contracts.” It is helpful then to consider something that has security. So, … Continue reading

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