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Economic Notes

Given an insurance premium and a clever person with public data, you could determine the margin over the risk premium of the insurance. This would require understanding the relevant risk statistics, benefit payments, and asset returns. One could make reasonable … Continue reading

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Summa Errorum Usuris

Catechism of the Summa by Fr. Pegues, O.P. What is usury? Usury is an act of injustice which consists in taking advantage of the need of our neighbour by lending him money, or any other thing that has a money … Continue reading

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Roman Catechism on Usury

Roman Catechism: 7th Commandment, Negative Part, Various Forms of Robbery Among those who are guilty of robbery are also included persons who do not pay, or who turn to other uses or appropriate to themselves, customs, taxes, tithes and such … Continue reading

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Leo XIII on Church and State Authority

36. Yet, no one doubts that Jesus Christ, the Founder of the Church, willed her sacred power to be distinct from the civil power, and each power to be free and unshackled in its own sphere: with this condition, however … Continue reading

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Speak Richly

How free speech makes us richer Is it too much to point out that “free speech” nominally empowers the spread of Marxism and related economic errors? Note that the author struggles with whether speech should be restricted rather than what … Continue reading

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Free Speech at Acton

My quote here: It seems that part of the problem is that we are committed to free speech. However, we all know that there is no such thing as free speech as we all acknowledge that some speech is restricted, … Continue reading

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