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Property Notes

Property is first and foremost political and public. There is nothing in external objects that orders then as such to a particular person and around this revolves the problem of private property and the common destination of all goods. As … Continue reading

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Economically Positivist

Well, if education isn’t actually training you for a job and you don’t actually enjoy it, I’d say it’s wasteful. (here) Translation: If education doesn’t satisfy my Grand Unified Theory of Everything, then forget it.

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Marriage In the Age of Usury

After a few hours reflection, I have stronger opinions about domestic partnerships (DP), tempered by the fact that I don’t know the legal specifics. DP seems to be nothing more or less than enacting in law what marriage is in … Continue reading

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In Light of the Lawless

I was quite surprised by the unusually poorly argued post by Edward Peters at his blog on canon law. Typically his posts are well thought and thoroughly researched, particularly when it comes to issues specific to canon law. However, the … Continue reading

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Suffer or Die

There is nothing lacking in the crucifixion of Christ considered in itself for his sacrifice was lacking in nothing and contained no defect being an infinite incomparable offering to God the Father. Therefore, when Paul teaches that he makes up … Continue reading

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Price vs. Value

Here: But another reason [gold’s price has risen] is that people simply believe in gold. In the end, the price of an asset is what people believe it’s worth. Per the Philosopher, price (i.e. the measure of something in money) … Continue reading

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Liberalism Succinctly

A very succinct explanation of the incoherence of liberalism from Zippy: Everyone with political views at all is an authoritarian, that is, tough on the things that they consider to be substantively heinous and despicable. But liberalisms are sociopathically authoritarian, … Continue reading

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