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Ground of the State

It is part of the natural law that men be bound by some sovereign. In each man we find that principal by which we are called social or political animals. BY this nature edowned in us by our Creator comes … Continue reading

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A Biblical Defense for Any Unprincipled Exception

Comment to Is there a biblical defense of free speech? Part of what Mr. Miller fails to distinguish is between what the State has authority to do and what it should tolerate. The State may have the authority to regulate … Continue reading

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Opportunity of Cost of Usury

Consider a contract of sale. In the terms there is a transfer of ownership of property. On the seller side, what justifies the charge is the property being sold. The seller may consider the opportunity cost as a means of … Continue reading

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Dante’s Middle Ages

I just finished Mark Musa’s critical edition of Dante’s Inferno. One of the rewards of reading it (apart from a greater fear of hell and desire for heaven) was some historical perspective. The Middle Ages weren’t some golden age of … Continue reading

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Metaphysical Anti-Relationalism

In the prior post, I supposed that Aquinas’ notion of right is an relation as the object of justice. One of the characteristic endemic to modernity is the metaphysical loss of relation. In the case of liberalism, right is taken … Continue reading

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Doing Right by Aquinas

Based on a comment from Zippy, I began to wonder what connection there might be between right as understood in the Middle Ages and authority as understood by Zippy. Naturally, I meant straight to Aquinas ST II.II.Q57 on Right as … Continue reading

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Aristotelian Quantum Mechanics

Taking Seriously Heisenberg’s Potentia cited in An Aristotelian Approach to Quantum Mechanics from Feser’s Blog post. One of the interesting implications of the proposed interpretation is that the lowest level substances do not have quantity or extension actually but only … Continue reading

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