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Big Government Part 2

The problem with big or interventionist government as pejorative is that it confuses a set of authorizations by the government with a government not authorizing or intervening. In the case of a man choosing what to buy the various levels … Continue reading

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Big Government

Opposition to “big government” is generally a question begging way of advocating for particular policies or authorizations of government. Most opponents would like to see bigger more intervening government in murder a la abortion. There is no complaint as to … Continue reading

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Fundamental Option for Contraratiocination

Since the Catholic apologist was unconvincing, my friend asked me to contact some Catholic bioethicists. Since I have no special competence for moral reasoning and could be wrong (except not for the reasons given so far), I contacted two Catholic … Continue reading

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Wishing Upon a Thermonuclear Device

At the request of a friend who thinks my position on the illicit nature of intercourse after a vasectomy is too harsh and rigid, I contacted what he took to be a reliable and faithful Catholic source. As no particular … Continue reading

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Two Moral Stances

To paraphrase a Shea-ism: The question should not be, “When do I get to commit a putative evil act?” but rather, “How can I avoid evil?”

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Feed My Sheep

If we having received the Truth through the teachings of Christ’s Church and supported so earnestly by the Eucharist have so frequent recourse to Reconciliation to return once more to the Lord, what hope do we have that those who … Continue reading

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Man is not made for Hell, but Hell for man.

Quoting Jesus to justify intrinsically evil acts is a nice question begging way of undermining all practical reason by rendering it subject to endless and arbitrary ambiguities. Just hope murder has stronger force than being absolutely prohibited by the moral … Continue reading

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