Scholastic Philosophy

Feser’s Bookshelf I, II, III, IV

Feser’s list and discussion of numerous books on Scholastic Philosophy, mostly free and on the internet.

Quaestiones Disputatae – Google Group

Latin Scholastic Texts


Natural Philosophy

General Philosophy

Natural Theology


  • Feser
    • How to Go to Hell
      • A philosophical explanation of the choice for hell based upon an understanding of the will as fixated on something other than God as the highest good at the moment of death.

Moral Theology/Philosophy

Political Philosophy

  • Edward Feser
    • Liberty, equality, fraternity?
      • Feser outlines Liberalism in distinction to traditional political principles of family & patriotism (piety), solidarity, subsidiarity
  • Zippy
    • Definition of Liberalism
      • Liberalism is the political doctrine that securing individual freedom and equal rights is a primary legitimate purpose of government.”
    • On Voting
      • Zippy works out the problem of voting in modern “mass market” democracies and the absurdity of it.

Canon Law


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