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Accounting for Irreality

In a recent discussion about Bitcoin it occurred to me the level of anti realism of Bitcoin by comparing a real ledger to Bitcoin. The bitcoin block chain is a shared ledger. A bitcoin is nothing other than the numbers … Continue reading

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Conceiving Scandal

I’ve spent sometime thinking about the recent contraception/usury debate. Ironically I was only interested in discussing usury and got pulled into a take-no-prisoners moral relativism throwdown. During that exchange, a claim was made that the Church does not require a … Continue reading

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Aristotelian Quantum Mechanics

Taking Seriously Heisenberg’s Potentia cited in An Aristotelian Approach to Quantum Mechanics from Feser’s Blog post. One of the interesting implications of the proposed interpretation is that the lowest level substances do not have quantity or extension actually but only … Continue reading

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Bill of Irresponsibilities

We are free men. We kneel no longer, but stand each man on his own two feet. “Non serviam” is the essence of the rejection of responsibility which finds its home in obedience and to kneel to whom we … Continue reading

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Economically Positivist

Well, if education isn’t actually training you for a job and you don’t actually enjoy it, I’d say it’s wasteful. (here) Translation: If education doesn’t satisfy my Grand Unified Theory of Everything, then forget it.

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In Light of the Lawless

I was quite surprised by the unusually poorly argued post by Edward Peters at his blog on canon law. Typically his posts are well thought and thoroughly researched, particularly when it comes to issues specific to canon law. However, the … Continue reading

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Price vs. Value

Here: But another reason [gold’s price has risen] is that people simply believe in gold. In the end, the price of an asset is what people believe it’s worth. Per the Philosopher, price (i.e. the measure of something in money) … Continue reading

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