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Fundamental Option for Contraratiocination

Since the Catholic apologist was unconvincing, my friend asked me to contact some Catholic bioethicists. Since I have no special competence for moral reasoning and could be wrong (except not for the reasons given so far), I contacted two Catholic … Continue reading

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Wishing Upon a Thermonuclear Device

At the request of a friend who thinks my position on the illicit nature of intercourse after a vasectomy is too harsh and rigid, I contacted what he took to be a reliable and faithful Catholic source. As no particular … Continue reading

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Conceiving Scandal

I’ve spent sometime thinking about the recent contraception/usury debate. Ironically I was only interested in discussing usury and got pulled into a take-no-prisoners moral relativism throwdown. During that exchange, a claim was made that the Church does not require a … Continue reading

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Doing Right by Aquinas

Based on a comment from Zippy, I began to wonder what connection there might be between right as understood in the Middle Ages and authority as understood by Zippy. Naturally, I meant straight to Aquinas ST II.II.Q57 on Right as … Continue reading

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Marriage In the Age of Usury

After a few hours reflection, I have stronger opinions about domestic partnerships (DP), tempered by the fact that I don’t know the legal specifics. DP seems to be nothing more or less than enacting in law what marriage is in … Continue reading

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In Light of the Lawless

I was quite surprised by the unusually poorly argued post by Edward Peters at his blog on canon law. Typically his posts are well thought and thoroughly researched, particularly when it comes to issues specific to canon law. However, the … Continue reading

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Executing the Hart

I am certainly glad that I am not in a profession that requires me to understand clearly and definitively the teaching on capital punishment. It seems clear to me from the Roman Catechism and JPII’s Catechism that the Church teaches … Continue reading

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