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Faliblism of the Senses

There are two aspects to our senses to consider, their proper sensibles and the their common sensibles. The proper sensibles take on a dyadic relation between the thing known and the organ. The thing known affects the sense organ in … Continue reading

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Substantial Artifacts

Proposition: Artifacts are substances in the same way as natural substances, e.g. a mouse trap is a substance in the way that a mouse is a substance. Either the artificial substance’s essence finds its source and origin in God or … Continue reading

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Aristotelian Origin of Life

Lest the key quote be lost in my babel, here it is from John Deely: This is the basis for the prior possibility in principle of so-called ” equivocal generation “: the origin of living matter out of non-living matter … Continue reading

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A Measure Per Aliud

Part of the problem that I am facing is how can something which cannot be a measure be used as a measure. It is not possible to measure something if it is not in some way congruent or possess what … Continue reading

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Purely Convention and Purely Objective

I don’t have a Facebook account, but I hear things. One of the recent memes was about how the way you look at a 6 or a 9 determines whether it is a 6 or a 9. The fallacy is … Continue reading

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What is risk?

In finance I have heard a number of different definitions of risk. Many are conflicting, but there are three characteristics that are exemplified in most definitions. Risk concerns some evil, though no one puts it that way. It concerns something … Continue reading

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Value as a species of Good

When we speak of good, we often say that something is “good for…” whereas when we speak of the value we say that something is “valuable to…” or “X values…” Good connotes a certain passivity. This is good for you, … Continue reading

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