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Spiritual Preparation

Divine Intimacy #145 Generous practice of the virtues, even to heroic virtue Constant recollection and prayer Frequent recourse to the sacraments With one goal: the perfect love of God Advertisements

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Suffer or Die

There is nothing lacking in the crucifixion of Christ considered in itself for his sacrifice was lacking in nothing and contained no defect being an infinite incomparable offering to God the Father. Therefore, when Paul teaches that he makes up … Continue reading

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Roman Catechism on Usury

Roman Catechism: 7th Commandment, Negative Part, Various Forms of Robbery Among those who are guilty of robbery are also included persons who do not pay, or who turn to other uses or appropriate to themselves, customs, taxes, tithes and such … Continue reading

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Substantial Artifacts

Proposition: Artifacts are substances in the same way as natural substances, e.g. a mouse trap is a substance in the way that a mouse is a substance. Either the artificial substance’s essence finds its source and origin in God or … Continue reading

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Catholic 10 Year Reading Plan

Read the Bible entirely every year in addition to: Year 1: Catechism of the Catholic Church Year 2: Catechism of the Council of Trent Year 3: Compendium of Social Doctrine Year 4: Haydock’s Commentary on the Scriptures Year 5: Summa Theologica … Continue reading

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The Resurrection of the Body

Salvation is to be saved from some evil. The resurrection of Jesus reveals a particular salvation. The just in the bosom of Abraham possessed a natural bliss. Christ won for them supernatural bliss in heaven, however there is something deficient … Continue reading

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Reasonable Hope – Contents of Hell

Concerning a reasonable hope that all are saved. Outline Hell is very full of persons – Article of Faith Demons, i.e. angelic persons, in hell Most of creation is angelic – Aquinas 1/3 of angel cast into hell – Revelations … Continue reading

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