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Free Market Notes

– A free market is illusory in the same sense as a free society. – the state has authority over markets in its jurisdiction.  It will enforce or enact a certain ordering of society and consequently markets, which is a … Continue reading

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Modernist Investing

Part of the attraction of algorithmic investing is that it abstracts from the essence of the business. In this sense it is particularly Modern. The only concern is the change in stock prices or some other metric. It attempts to … Continue reading

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An Argument against Representative Government

I’ve been thinking about my argument against universal suffrage and it seems that a very similar logic can be applied against representative government. First, let us take representative government to be a form of government where representatives seeks to enact … Continue reading

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Good/Evil Curve

Whatever a supply/demand curve reveals about economics it is not liciety even of “(sub)optimal” economic situations.

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Justice in Exchange

In an exchange there must be an equality to ensure justice. Now modern economics suggests there is always inequality in that both parties engage in the exchange in order to receive a greater benefit than what is given. In the … Continue reading

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The Low Man

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Incoherence of Division by 0

Division is a sort of measurement. How many magnitudes A do I count in magnitude B? Magnitude A is a measure of magnitude B. Every measure contains in some way that which it measures. Zero is not a magnitude but … Continue reading

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