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Right to Suppress the Truth

The title makes the article look like a hilarious satire but Joe is serious. Conservative liberals once again concede the ground to progressive liberals and defend every horrific mass murdering ideology of the past century, which yesteryear’s liberals rejected, and … Continue reading

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Rerum Novarum and Price Gouging

If I should ever again doubt the evil of price gouging: Doubtless, before deciding whether wages [are] fair, many things have to be considered; but wealthy owners and all masters of labor should be mindful of this – that to … Continue reading

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Violence of Religious Liberty

One of the evils of freedom [sic] of religion is the violence it does to the weak, poor and simple. The strong, rich and intelligent have the leisure and capacity to go out of their way to study their faith … Continue reading

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Liberty within Scope

Liberty is the scope of licit action. Licit is morally permissible. Morally permissible is restricted by moral principles. Therefore the scope of licit action is a restricted scope. Therefore, libertine action is restricted action or Liberty is Restriction.

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Cultish Tendencies

One more reason I have been skeptical of Zippy’s positions is the conclusion that a tiny fraction of people have gotten it right, namely Zippy, some of his followers and perhaps some others out there. This is in no way … Continue reading

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Principle of Entrepreneurism

Having watched “Kitchen Nightmares” a few times, the key principle of Ramsey’s approach that I can discern is simply to give people what they want. This is made clear in his method in early seasons and by where the series … Continue reading

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Usury and Life Choices

I’ve made some decisions as a result of my understanding of usury. First is that I ought not to borrow at usury as near as possible. Moreover it is probably illicit to borrow at usury from a credit card company … Continue reading

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