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Usury – Recent Works

Books Interest and Usury by Bernard Dempsey The Scholastic Analysis of Usury by John Noonan Usury, Funds and Banks by Jeremiah O’Callaghan Usury, Destroyer of Nations by S.C. Mooney The Church and Usury by Patrick Cleary The Science of Ethics … Continue reading

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Usury – Magisterial Statements

“[R]emoving all judgment of one’s own, one must always keep one’s mind prepared and ready to obey the true Spouse of Christ, and our holy Mother, which is the Orthodox, Catholic, and Hierarchical Church.” –Ignatius of Loyala, Spiritual Exercises pg … Continue reading

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Noonan V – Titles To Payment

Chapter 5 has a lot going on so it’ll take some time to work through. Noonan introduces the chapter by reminding us that, “theologians recognized from the beginning that the usury law, like most laws, permitted exceptions,” (pg 100) that … Continue reading

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Usury: A Real Life Dialogue

Semiotic Animal: Hey, I’ve got an idea to walk you through. (Let’s see if I can put usury in terms a modern finance guy will understand.) Finance Guy: Is this another thing about Bitcoin? SA: No, but let me ask … Continue reading

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Noonan Notes IV – Back to the Sentences

Now we return once again to Noonan’s interpretation of Aquinas’ Commentary on the Sentences. Noonan takes the opportunity to write that Aquinas “reproduces the hoary Roman-law point that in a mutuum ownership is transferred.” Such contempt is the downfall of … Continue reading

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Usury Errors in recent Articles II

On the other hand, the Fifth Lateran Council in 1517 reversed earlier prohibitions against charging interest on loans, and current Catholic teaching mostly avoids the topic. In the most recent edition of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the only … Continue reading

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Usury and the Church in Error

It may not be sufficiently clear the criticism that is leveled against the Scholastics and the Church by the claims in the previous post. When the scholastics were making arguments about the evil of usury and proposing that it is … Continue reading

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