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Wishing Upon a Thermonuclear Device

At the request of a friend who thinks my position on the illicit nature of intercourse after a vasectomy is too harsh and rigid, I contacted what he took to be a reliable and faithful Catholic source. As no particular … Continue reading

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Conceiving Scandal

I’ve spent sometime thinking about the recent contraception/usury debate. Ironically I was only interested in discussing usury and got pulled into a take-no-prisoners moral relativism throwdown. During that exchange, a claim was made that the Church does not require a … Continue reading

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Liberalism Succinctly

A very succinct explanation of the incoherence of liberalism from Zippy: Everyone with political views at all is an authoritarian, that is, tough on the things that they consider to be substantively heinous and despicable. But liberalisms are sociopathically authoritarian, … Continue reading

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